Instructions to the candidates


  • Complete registration at website to attend Convocation 2019 and pay registration fee online through only SBI collect. Demand Draft and Challan are not acceptable.
  • Reach Hyderabad latest by 09:00 AM on 3rd August, 2019 for registration and to participate in rehearsal scheduled on 3rd August, 2019 at 02:00 PM.
  • Get registration kit from the Registration Counter against security deposit of Rs. 1100/-.
  • The kit contains the following :
    • Programme of Convocation
    • Lunch Coupon and place for official Lunch after Convocation on 04th August, 2019.
    • Returnable Convocation Gown (To be returned after Convocation is over; get back the security deposit; return the Gown in between 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM positively)
    • Seat number assigned to you
  • Assemble at BITS Auditorium at sharp 2:00 PM on 3rd August, 2019 for full dress Rehearsal wearing your gown. Rehearsal is a must to attend the Convocation Proceedings.
  • Because of limited seats in the Auditorium, only ONE accompanying person will be allowed to occupy seat in the first floor of the Auditorium. Arrangements have been made to show convocation proceedings live in the lecture theater complex. Other persons accompanying can watch the proceedings there.
  • On 4th August 2019, take the seat assigned to you in the Auditorium by 09:00 AM
  • On entering of the procession into the Convocation Hall, all assembled will rise from their seats, and remain standing until the members of the procession have taken their seats.
  • The candidate will go to the dais when he/she is called by the respective HoD, get the degree certificate and leave the dais to occupy his/her seat. Follow the route as per given instructions. Further directions will be given at the time of Rehearsal.
  • In similar way, candidates will get their medals.
  • After award of medals, oath will be taken by the recipients of degrees. Recipients of degrees will stand and repeat the oath word by word.
  • After national anthem, Academic procession will depart. On the procession leaving the Convocation Hall, all assembled will rise from their seats, and remain standing until the members forming the procession have left the hall.
  • Join for lunch at the place assigned to you after the function.
  • Go to the Registration Counter (From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM), return your gown and get back the security deposit of Rs 1100/-.



Take your seat in the convocation hall by 09:00 AM positively.
  1. Due to security check reach the gate of the hall early.
  2. No mobile phones and cameras are allowed in the convocation hall.
  3. Contact authorized photographers to get your photograph.
  4. Maintain sanctity of the occasion in the convocation hall.

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